I’ve always had a passion for maps, and as a Geographer I’ve found a way to make maps my career. Through great depth and breadth of experience in the professional, government, and academic domains, I’ve developed a diverse spatial science skill set including GIS and remote sensing, geostatistical modeling, spatial optimization, and field research. I’m driven to discover new ways of measuring, managing, analyzing and visualizing geospatial information, and to share and apply my geographic knowledge to enable the solution of complex spatial problems.

I am a Lecturer in the Department of Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland. The video below highlights one of my current areas of research.


I'm a Washington DC-based trumpet player with 20 years of performance experience. I've played with many bands and enjoy performing just about any style of music from afrobeat to zydeco. I have an excellent ear and improvise well, can read music and compose original songs, and I'm as comfortable in the recording studio as I am on stage.